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Module installation guide

Because this module depends on RM.QuickLogOn, please ensure that was installed first. If not then refer to installation guide.

Enter your Orchard site, login as Administrator and go to Dashboard:

Select ‘Modules’ menu, click on ‘Gallery tab’, enter ‘rm.quicklogon.oauth’ in search field and execute ‘Search’:


Scrolldown and look for ‘RM.QuickLogOn.OAuth’ module. Perform installation by clicking ‘Install’ link.

Select providers, which you want to enable and click ‘OK’ to enable module:


Scrolldown page, expand ‘Settings’ menu group and click on ‘QuickLogOn’ menu:


To finish installation, fill out all fields with appropriate ClientIds and ClientSecrets and click ‘Save’ button:


Note: Small trick – if you enabled few providers and got ClientID&Secret only for one of them during saving could appear error message that not all fields were filled correctly. To fix it – just fill any values into ClientId fields or disable providers for which you have no ClientID&Secret.

How to acquire ClientID&Secret, please refer following guides:

Page with enabled providers should look like screenshot:


Please help me make this module perfect!

If you got bug or have idea how to improve existing functionality, please write issues or add your idea to discussions.



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